The mixing of cultures

different cultures are mixing today

In this context, Verlan serves as an active rejection of a defined French identity. Others went on their own free will to go live with the Indians. These case studies show how this mixing is at once transcendent of geographical time and space, and yet, undoubtedly, spatially embedded and localised.

It has been co-opted by the mainstream media, and is now widely used in popular society. Boston: Bedford, The story of Mary Jemison reflects that mixing of cultures and the affinity that can develop to the Native way of life.

Both cases speak powerfully of the transformation of place, culture and community through means of self-expression that are empowering for those concerned. The article firstly intends to demonstrate that this is a false alternative within limits. The European thought leaned greatly towards the idea of the Native Indians being of a barbaric and heathenness culture that must be changed converted and educated or eliminated, however, the exchange of culture frequently went both ways and sometimes those very differences in culture proved to be a great seduction to the non-Indian people.

The mixing of cultures

Situated in a precarious in-between world, they have used music as a mixed cultural practise that informs and responds to their unique migrant subjectivity. Similarly, the powerful opening credit sequence, which uses documentary footage of French protests from up until the s, places the film within a broader context of the accepted, and even treasured, French tradition of protest. The clip realises its potential as an emotionally cathartic tool tied to the prolonged and ongoing struggle of those forced to engage in this process through its mournful lyrics, and strong stirring imagery of a desert that seems at once home and hostile. Corrido, a form of musical folk ballad, which initially referred to European tales of thwarted love, has been a popular form of expression in Mexico since the earlyth century. For the Mexican sonideros and Parisian youth of the banlieues, cultural mixing and the reinsertion of localised expressions of identity emerge as fundamental to their sense of belonging in a globally interconnected world. Suggested bibliographic reference for this article: Gomarasca, Paolo; Multiculturalism or Hybridisation? The problem is that the differentialist version has become the standard version of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism or Hybridisation?

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The Mixing of Cultures Essay Example