How to write a halloween spell

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WITH a hoot and make this one person three! To this day his ghost haunts the attic.

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You see, It's not that I can't go up there, it's that I'm scared to. Show me the way and protect me everyday. I tried to keep thinking of all the times that I played up there. It took all the courage I had but I was going to have to free Jamie. Today we planned what ingredients we would use and how instructions are written use bossy words verbs and time connectives, order etc. I walked up to the attic all by myself. I needed to make a plan that would free Jamie but not put me in the line of fire. Light the candle and the incense. It started coming towards Jamie like it was an owl and Jamie was a mouse. Chapter 5 When I finally came to my senses, I ran downstairs and told my Mom that Jamie was sleeping over. Whisper magic words to thine, You will be forever mine. How does he live? I guarantee it that this will work.

I was chased all around the attic. I backed up before he could get me. I had to get Jamie out of that attic! We rode our bikes to Aunt Connies to get a net, to Mrs.

how to write a halloween spell

I invited him over to help my form a plan. The ghost had to be somewhere!

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